Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sinagtala Farm Resort, Orani, Bataan

If given a chance to escape the heat of the city with the whole family where would you go? For sure you will answer Tagaytay or Baguio City, well here's another option: Orani, Bataan!

For our first wedding anniversary we decided to spend our day with the whole family. We don't want to travel too far from Subic/Olongapo so we decided to go to Orani, Bataan which is just around 45 minutes drive from home.

Sinagtala is a semi-private farm resort located up in the mountains of Orani, Bataan. The houses there are actually vacation houses of the owners but few are renting out  their units. One afternoon we decided to visit this place for an ocular inspection and we were not disappointed. We love the weather , the colorful wild flowers and beautiful private houses .

Once you are inside the compound the first thing you will see is their chapel. A nice one indeed! A great place for weddings!

They also have a restaurant inside, and the great thing about the place? They offer good food at reasonable prices. All the private houses at the resort offers free use of kitchen and cooking utensils, but if you don't want to cook then no worries, this restaurant is open the whole week, anytime of the day.

In this photo you will see 2 of the many private houses inside the compound both of these houses are also available for rent.

Here's the Beacon House we rented for the day:

the house has 3 bedrooms, let me share some of my photos:

at the ground floor is the kitchen, entertainment area, comfort room and 1 bedroom.

here's the ground floor bedroom, it has two twin beds and its own huge bathroom.

here's the second floor, it has 2 rooms. The first 2 pictures are from the family room, and the next 2 are from the room with a queen size bed.

This is the attic connected to the family room (our room for the night). Their attic has a queen size bed and a huge veranda.

Here's the view standing  from the attic's veranda (left side).  You will find here the reception area of the Resort near the pool. On the upper left most area is another private house with rooms  available for rent.

Rate for the Beacon House is P7,000 per night as of this writing (good for 10), you have to pay extra for the excess. Kitchen utensils and stove are available for your convenience. Breakfast is free but they will just give the supplies and you will be the one to cook them (the housekeeper gave us 10 fresh eggs and coffee). Check-in time is 2pm and checkout is at 12 noon.

Just to enumerate few important things:
1) the ground floor is an open area so I prepared myself for a battle with mosquitoes, but we got the worst..  huge, bee sized flies! So be prepared and please bring something to secure your food.
2) there are a lot of local dogs in the neighborhood so we brought all our food in the second floor before we retire for the night.
3) the ref in the kitchen is too small, almost the size of a personal ref so bring an extra cooler if needed.
4) no TV in the house or sound system so plan ahead and bring something to occupy your time. (we brought our own sound system and some playing cards... tong-its time!! )

5) My husband convinced me to stay at Beacon House because of the pool table. But alas all the cue sticks, the pool balls and even the table are in need of some TLC! The pool balls were mostly chipped off, the cue sticks are the most disappointing.. the cue tips are gone in the wind and no chalk available too. Hopefully they can fix it, it's the next best thing about the house for me (next to the attic of course).
6) When we dropped by the first time for an ocular inspection we saw the tenants playing darts. When we arrived there sorry but no dartboard. So you can bring one if you want.

For reservation at Beacon House, you can contact the owner Ms Tonjee at 02-664-7733 or 0917-554-7530 or call Ms April at 0907-678-1671.

Another best option for accommodation is this place (my personal choice):

In here they are offering rooms for rent, the cheapest room is around P2,400 as of this writing (room picture above), they also have a Family Room available. They have a safe play area for the kids, a meeting room for corporate events, a kitchen for the visitor's use and a huge viewing deck that you can also use for parties.  Breakfast is also free here and they offer the best view for me. To reserve a room or for any inquiry you can contact Monique at 09486417171 or 09215544274.

Here's the famous infinity pool at Sinagtala overlooking Manila bay.  Please take note however that  the pool use is not free even if you are staying at one of the houses inside the resort. Fee is P200 per head.  Day trippers are also welcome.

Direction to Sinagtala:

Take SCTEX then exit at Dinalupihan, turn right going to Balanga and just follow the signage to Sinagtala .

Was it worth the cost? Hmmm, for me personally, the use of the pool should be free and they should offer more activities inside the Farm.  If you however are looking for a quiet place with family and nature as your backdrop then this is the best place for you.  Enjoy your stay at Sinagtala!

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  1. Hi, kindly check the number given above for Ms Monique (09215544274). I phoned the said number and someone claimed that he is not connected to this housing facilities. Thank you.

    1. hi thanks for dropping by, how about the rest of the numbers? Monique (caretaker) gave me 2 numbers, the rest are from the Beacon House and the units for rent beside the pool. Just try the other numbers, those are from their calling card, the one I used to communicate with Ms April for the downpayment and booking.

  2. Hello from Tampay sa Sinagtala,

    I hope you don't mind that we shared the link to your blog from our FB page.

    We are happy you enjoyed your stay. More information about Tampay and Sinagtala Farm Resort and Retreat Park can be found at https://www.facebook.com/TampaySaSinagTala.

    We wish you more successes with your blog. Congratulations!

    Your friends from
    Maynee Pascual

  3. thanks Maynee for dropping by. Yes we enjoyed Sinagtala, hope to come back there soon. ;)

  4. Hi Violy,

    This is Tonjee, owner of Beacon House. I came across your blog today. Thank you for your honest feedback, I will certainly attend to the upkeep of the pool table! It's my fault, I haven't visited the house in quite a while. The dart board is kept locked in a cabinet, and if you ask the caretaker, she should be able to bring it out. But nevertheless, I will review the policy with her.

    To show my appreciation for your comments, I am offering you a one-time 15% discount off your future stay. Just send me a message on www.talabeaconhouse.com or on my Facebook page, Beacon House at Sinagtala Farm.

    Thanks again and God bless!

  5. I say this all the time it's like a mantra now, i definitely want to visit the Philippines sometime soon! It's definitely one of the top countries on my "must visit soon" :D. The Beacon House looks nice, i totally love to go on a family vacations too, even just driving to a next town and rent a house like this always a lot of fun when you have people you love around you :D

  6. hi there... just want to ask about the 2nd house... is there also a kitchen there to use?

    1. Hi Judy Ann, thanks for dropping by! Yes the 2nd house also has a kitchen for everyone's use. ;)

  7. Hi :) can i ask how much is A house for just 6 person :) thankyou

    1. hi, they have houses there with rooms for rent, for 6 you can get a family room already for around P3,500 but please take note that prices vary per house.

  8. when my family and I went there on october 2012 the use of pool is free. i love the place though. i purchased the groupon offer again as a gift for our newly wed friends. i am just wondering if the use of common kitchen is still allow for 100 pesos.

    1. Hi jam! Thanks for dropping by. Actually all units in there allows the use of their kitchen for free. Maybe during the time you went there they were still charging a fee but not anymore. ;)

  9. Hi there sir tonjee. Can i ask if how much or do u have a package for 3.. me my son and my husband. Un include n po un fud for the whole stay. Im planning to have an overnyt stay there by october. Maybe october 28. Im from malolos bulacan. i know that place kc jan po ako naging bata. I have lots of relatives there. Pls send me an email at rochelle_214ph@yahoo.com

  10. Good evening po. I am tourism student of BPSU, doing some research about the most popular hotel here in bataan., and your hotel was one of this popular. May I know the history of your hotel?? Please reply. Or
    Send me some data here : 09303086060. Thank you. Godblessed ��

  11. Good evening po. I am tourism student of BPSU, doing some research about the most popular hotel here in bataan., and your hotel was one of this popular. May I know the history of your hotel?? Please reply. Or
    Send me some data here : 09303086060. Thank you. Godblessed ��