Wednesday, April 9, 2014

East Coast Park, Singapore

Singapore offers so many public parks, so what's so special about East Coast Park?  Well it is one of the largest park in Singapore with a total land size of 185 hectares and a breath taking coastline that stretches around 15 kms which offers an exciting diversity of dining, sporting and recreational activities catering to all ages. 

Come to the park anytime, sit under the swaying coconut palms, and enjoy having your picnics and beach games with your families and friends. What could be more relaxing than to walk barefoot along the sandy beach? Besides being a treat for the senses, this simple pleasure is also good for the health.

Sit back and let the inviting waves and sea breeze provide you with an escape from the stifling city heat and daily stress from work.

For those looking for action, East Coast Park also offers a myriad of sporting opportunities such as cycling, cable skiing, rollerblading and water sporting activities as well as a Xtreme SkatePark for action sports enthusiasts. 

one of the park’s meandering trails.

For us, its cycling time! We enjoyed the trail and the breeze too much that we did not realized that its already night time!

quality time!!
Jumbo Seafood, one of the most popular seafood restaurant in East Coast Park
Looking for a place to satisfy your gastronomical needs? Well, East Coast Park is a foodie’s mecca with a huge hawker centers, cafes and seafood restaurants that caters to anyone's' food cravings and budget. From a simple barbeque to sumptuous cuisines! Name it, they have it here.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village

There is only one thing I don't like about this place, the difficulty going here. It is not near a train or bus station so you are left with no choice but to hail a cab. Other than that, it's a great park so try it out next time and bring along your family and friends! Have fun!!

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