Saturday, September 7, 2013

Singapore's Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet is one of Singapore’s largest water park, it is located at  Downtown East, Pasir Ris which is just around 15 to 20 minutes from Changi  Airport while nearest MRT is Pasir Ris station.  So next time you have a delayed flight at Changi Airport, well, here's one of your best option!  

My husband and I are both thrill seekers (in our dreams!!  hehe). Actually when we were still dating we tried  the  Lego Kingdom's Roller Coaster ride at Legoland in Malaysia and we both dropped our pretensions after that, my husband almost had a heart attack! Wild Wild Wet offers so many extreme rides, but sorry we are there just to enjoy and relax! The park offers the following rides:
  •  Ular-lah  -   its a raft slide, the closest thing you'll ever experience next to white water rafting designed for a maximum of six. 
  •  The Water Works - a high speed flume ride that you have to do alone along that curvy twists and turn tube. 
  • Slide-up - on board an inflatable raft you will be plunged down a four-storey ramp to soar on the opposite side!  Whew!
  • Torpedo - ejects you from an 18-metre-high capsule right into a heart-stopping free fall, which propels you straight into a manic trajectory of hair raising twist and turns at mind-numbing speed of up to 70km/hr.
  • Professor's Playground and Yippee!-  these two we enjoyed a lot.. why? Because they are safe! hehe.  Simply put, these two are for kids... it's a huge playground located in the swimming pool.  Professor's Playground was designed around the theme of an experimental laboratory,  packed with a myriad of novel fixtures such as slides, ladders, water cannons and fountains while Yippee! is a shallow sloshing area filled with soft play equipment designed to provide a safe and fun environment for toddlers. Fun for kids and kids at heart like us!

  •  Shiok River - Spanning 335 meters in length, it skirts the perimeter of the park, meandering through a variety of lush landscape that will leave you soothed and invigorated. This is a stress free ride so of course we won't miss trying it:

  •  Tsunami - combines the best of swimming pools and the sea where you will enjoy artificial waves. 

  • Jacuzzi - well this one is what we enjoyed the most. First of all we had the chance to have the place for ourselves and there's a shade so you are not so exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Time to have fun and relax!!

Inflatable floats , life jackets and baby water carriers are available  for free at the park. Lifeguards are also visible everywhere. So for me this is a safe place for everyone.

Once you are tired with all the park has to offer, well you can just sit down, relax and people watch!

 If hungry, they also have a food court inside, and prices are reasonable!

They have lockers where you can keep your valuables, toilets are huge and clean, they have shops also at the entrance / exit of the park. 

Ticket Rates: $19 for adults  (12 years and above) 
                      $14 for kids (3 to 11 years) and Senior Citizens
                      Toddlers ( below 3 yrs old) are FREE

So next time someone ask you to check this place, don't think twice! 

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