Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our 5 days Honeymoon Escapade Part 5 - Honda Bay : Pambato Reef Snorkeling

After visiting Palawan's Underground River we are ready for a swim! Where else than in Honda Bay! Approaching the island when we are about to land the first day left us breathless, white sand, blue waters and so many islands to visit! This view is enough to convince you that yeah, you made the right decision of visiting Puerto Princesa.

We paid  P1,600 per pax for this tour, it includes pick-up from the hotel, boat ride to 3 islands , free picnic lunch and a ride back to the hotel. You will need to spare a day for this tour, the trip from the main city is around 2 hours.  We were able to do some snorkeling at Pambato Reef, bashing in the sun at white sand beaches of Lu-Li and Cowrie Island, feeding the fishes and stolen kisses here and there... hehe  

 Here's our boat ride for the day together with new found friends we met during the tour.

Then it's snorkeling time! My first time snorkeling experience was in Bali when I had my eardrum ruptured...again! (Check my Bali post here) I did enjoy myself a lot but I told myself back then for sure our country has so much better diving sites. When I had my chance to visit Coron my ear was still mending from my surgery and a doctor's order to stop swimming for good scared the hell out of me so I avoided going down the water but even without diving or snorkeling, from above the clear waters of Coron and underwater pictures from tour mates especially in Siete Pecados, it's difficult to appreciate what Pambato reef has left to offer.  There's just not much to see and appreciate, sorry.

Quite a disappointment but still hoping that our government can do something to preserve this place. But of course it won't stop us from looking at the brighter side... photo op!!

Yes sad to say, I'm so disappointed with Pambato Reef but I did enjoy my time there , what's not to enjoy when you're with someone you love right? The memory of doing something for the first time with my hubby, that one cannot be replaced by any frustration!

But hey I am not saying you should not visit this place, Honda Bay is still a must-see in Puerto Princesa, wait for my breathtaking shots of Cowrie and Lu-Li island!!

Till next post!! Ciao!!

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