Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Best Island Holidays in Australia

Whether looking for spectacular scenery, adrenaline-pumping adventure or a cosy, secluded location, the islands around Australia have much to offer guests. Easily accessible by ferries from the mainland, the islands provide the perfect holiday getaway.

Daydream Island-Queensland

Daydream Island lies in the Great Barrier Reef Park and features a wonderful resort and spa that accommodates singles, couples and families. The island measures a mere one kilometre in length and half a kilometre in width. However, the facility offers numerous activities for guests of all ages. Enjoy any number of land based or water sports compliments of the resort. The island has three beaches and one harbours living coral and multitudes of colourful tropical fish. Enjoy a hike on one of the nature trails through the jungle forest. Three times a week the resort offers a cinema under the stars. Play miniature golf or take scuba lessons.

Kangaroo Island-South Australia

Kangaroo Island offers a chance to encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. Penguins linger around Penneshaw and seal lions congregate at Seal Bay. Pink pelicans and cuddly koalas also make the island home. The many beaches offer the perfect location for swimming, surfing, fishing or scuba diving. Venture about the landscape and explore rustic rock formations and underground caves. Learn about local history at one of the lighthouses or visit the winery at Cape Willoughby. The island community offers accommodations that fit every budget and features a wide array of delectable cafes and restaurants.

Flinders Island-Tasmania

This picturesque island found off the southeastern coast remains popular for a variety of adventures. Beaches transform into granite cliffs that attract rock-climbing enthusiasts. Indulge in a hike up Castle Rock or scale one of the many formations found in Strezelecki National Park. Being the home of the amazing Killiecrankie Diamond, Flinders Island presents the chance for embarking on a gem fossicking adventure. Guests often find the topaz stones at Diamond Creek or Mines Creek. Take a 4WD tour of the location or charter a boat and go fishing. Calamari, flathead, salmon and trevally are some of the species found in the waters.

French Island-Victoria

Anyone looking for a bit of seclusion might consider visiting French Island. The small community found here offers bed and breakfasts, guesthouses or farmstays. The location also remains popular for rustic camping. The terrain includes everything from grass and heath lands to mangroves and blue gum forests. Over 100 species of bush orchids also grow here. Wildlife found on the island includes koalas and over 260 species of birds. Strolling along the beach or taking bush walks are popular activities. Learn about the island’s history that includes a kiln, a former chicory industry and a prison farm.

Rottnest Island-Western Australia

The vehicle-restricted island offers over 60 different picturesque beaches. Venture around the location on foot, by bike or on the free bus. Explore the coastline by kayak. Snorkel or scuba dive in the local waters and see the colourful coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks. The waves found at Salmon, Stark and Strickland Bays commonly attract surfers. For a bit of island history, tour the Aboriginal prison, the lighthouse or Rottnest Museum.

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Written by Emma Jane for Travel Associates

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