Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 Spiritual Places to Reach Enlightenment in Australia

Australia is a land of varying landscape and atmosphere, capable of catering to adventure travelers and fans of leisure alike. If you're in Australia in search of some enlightenment or a spiritual experience, fear not -- you'll have your choice of places to visit. Thanks to the rich Aboriginal history of this nation, you will find a plethora of places filled in lore as well as space for spiritual awakening. Here are three places to seek out enlightenment while you're down under.


This large rock in central Australia, also called Ayers Rock, is considered a very sacred place. As legend has it, Uluru remains occupied by a variety of Aboriginal spirits who were involved in the creation of the rock formation. This space is visited by travellers from around the world who are looking to find a spiritual awakening through various types of Uluru tours. The site is accessible via ground transportation, though a nominal fee is required to enter the park that surrounds the rock. Visitors are allowed three full days in the park with their purchase of an entry ticket. Bear in mind that taking anything home from Uluru, including small rocks, is considered very bad luck -- many people mail back rock souvenirs each year.

Kata Tjuta

Like Uluru, this sacred site consists of large rock formations in central Australia. This location is also close to Uluru, making it possible to visit both places in one holiday. Visitors from all over the globe come to this place to see the way the sun turns the rocks into different vibrant colours throughout the day, as well as to seek a peaceful place with sacred significance. A great deal of lore surrounds the history of Kata Tjuta, much of which is held very tight to the vest by Aboriginal people. One story involves the presences of a snake God who is said to reside at the head of the mountain. Even without knowing all of the specific mythology behind this place, it is certainly possible to reach a sense of enlightenment in its presence.

Biamanga National Park

This national park is located in New South Wales, near the coast between Sydney and Melbourne. The parkland is filled with places that are steeped in Aboriginal spiritual significance, as well as many spaces where visitors can simply enjoy a moment of peace and natural beauty in which to ponder or meditate. Among the sites within the park are the Mumbulla Creek Falls, where you can sit down with a picnic and watch the falls. Within the park you'll find many natural features that have not been altered by man, including a significant amount of coastal foothills. The park was handed back to its traditional Aboriginal owners in 2006, leading to an even bigger sense of importance regarding keeping the land in a natural and spiritual state for many years to come.

Written by Emma Jane for Lost In Australia.

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