Friday, February 15, 2013

Our 5 days Honeymoon Escapade (Puerto Princesa and Cebu) Part 1

Best part of the wedding preparation for me is planning for our honeymoon. But even that has not been easy, not when your hubby is a prima donna.. haha, well he has “demands” for the trip let me share:

1) He doesn’t want to travel too far, no long flights for him (hmmm.. so nothing beyond Asia then!)

2) No long travel after the plane ride going to the place (hmmmm so no boat ride, no long land travel! I was aiming for El Nido, but sorry Vivi... maybe next time!)

3) No trips via Manila (he wants to use Clark airport only, period. So limited flights within Philippines, and overseas flights only to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and we already been to Malaysia and Singapore together so that’s off the list then… the list is getting shorter! Sigh! )

4) He specifically mentioned that he doesn’t want to get BORED he wants a concrete itinerary, no gaps in between for the activities (ok, fine!)

5) No single day extension (uh hu! Ok fine… )

6) He doesn’t want to stay in only one city for our 5 days honeymoon ( Hey I like that too!!)  but sorry Vivi ‘coz there’s a BUT … do all of the above with only a P25k budget (hmmm I can do this! But no overseas destinations then…)  

A challenge indeed! So at the end of this post I will share the detailed expenses we incurred for this trip and let’s see if I am within budget or not. My first wife duty indeed... budgeting!

Before I start with my litany, let me share first some of my aerial shots of Puerto Princesa.  (sorry for the terrible photos though, I was not seated on the window side.)

Honday Bay from up above....

Ok here we go, let's start:

1) booking for our flights. Since I will be using Clark airport only, flights are not every day for every destination. I was targeting Puerto Princesa to Cebu to Bohol. But I need an additional day, there are no direct flights from Bohol to Clark, we need to fly back from Cebu and unfortunately there are no available flights going back to Clark on our return schedule. Check #5 above… sigh, so sorry Vivi, will explore Bohol next time then. (That's me pouting..) So off to Puerto Princesa and Cebu then! The plane tickets from Clark to PPS to Cebu then back to Clark sliced off P11,381.36 from my budget… oh no, almost half off my budget!

2) Hotel reservation, since we are on a tight budget, I have to look for a cheap accommodation. For Puerto Princesa I researched and short listed some and decided for Tres Pension House for just P1,200 a night which is inclusive of a very light breakfast (just coffee/juice or tea, a slice of fruit, a toasted bread and some jam), includes pick-up and send-off , a very approachable and helpful staff, free wifi, a very clean and quiet place and a small but comfortable room. I booked our 3 nights accommodation in Puerto Princesa at a cost of P3,600.

Let me share some photos of Tres Pension House:
from the left is the room's "tiny" living room, on the right is their bath/comfort room

on the left is their comfy bed, not so much space to move around but hey you will just stay for the night so no reason to complain. Picture on the right is a place where you can eat your breakfast or just a place to rest, located in front of the units for the guests' use.

Japanese touch can be seen all throughout the place. On the left is their receiving area on the right is their garden area.

the entrance of the Pension House and the breakfast area right outside your unit.
Tres Pension House
Purok Molave, Peneyra Road
Bgy.San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Tel. No. :
• 048 723 1541
Mobile No. :
• 0919 991 0786
• 0939 639 8069

For our Cebu trip we got it for free! yey! Well, initially I was planning to stay overnight in a friend's house but one of our wedding sponsor upon knowing that we will be visiting Cebu, he booked us one night at Harold's! Who am I to complain right?  So Cebu Accommodation: FREE.  

a hotel at last!!! yey!

Harold's is located at 146 Gorordo Avenue, Corner Rosal Street, Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000.

Detailed tour itineraries and summary of our expenses for our 3 days in  Puerto Princesa and 2 days in Cebu to follow!! What else to expect from me? Of course endless pictures!! So watch for those!

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  1. 25k is a pretty good budget for a honeymoon for 5 days. Would like to check out the good priced hotels you stayed in during your vacation.

    1. yeah we can always get cheap accommodations and tours but the plane ticket is another thing. Hopefully we can get more competitive ticket prices soon! ;)

  2. The honeymooners. This is a late comment already.Congrats and Best wishes to both of you!

  3. Congrats to the newly weds. I liked your pictures! They look great :)) I was about to suggest you visit Palaui Island but I don't think your husband will agree to go there. Medyo "hassle" as far as the list of his "conditions" tells. But I do hope you visit Palau!

  4. Hahaha Vivi so cute! Natawa ako sa introduction :-)

  5. Natawa naman ako sa intro... ^_^