Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Subic Bay and our Prenup Experience

I want to photograph my own prenup, well that was the initial plan. I have it envisioned a thousand times, I have the venue in mind, the motif and I was planning to bring all our nephews and nieces so we can all have fun. But being a "busy bride" is an understatement indeed! No matter how simple you want your wedding to be, everything will turn into chaos and you are left with what? stress! hehe..  In other words, I got too tied up and I was not able to pursue my plans! alas!

our Pre-nup pictorial at Subic, Philippines
Subic's famous sunset as our perfect backdrop
My husband and I have agreed during the planning stage that we don't want to spend that much for our wedding, so I decided to just take a photographer and get the soft copies at the end of the ceremony and I will do the editing myself. I was able to negotiate to include our civil wedding, our prenup, our garden wedding , our wedding reception plus an on-site video for a minimal fee. 

Let me share some of our photos for this post.

Photographer: Gershom Digital Photoworks
Photo Edited by:   Vivi

our Pre-nup pictorial at Subic bay, Philippines
at Boardwalk, Subic Bay

our Pre-nup pictorial at Subic Bay, Philippines

Perfect venue right? Subic Bay is about about 100 kilometers north of Manila which is just around 3 to 4 hours drive.  Subic has everything to offer for both indoor or outdoor activities. You can have a prenup in Subic's famous jungle too! The places we used in this pictorial are all for free.  Aside from Subic being a great venue for prenup pictorials, Subic also offers a lot of tourist activities from duty free shops, to jungle trekking, ocean adventure, animal petting, nature tripping and so many beach activities.

Don't worry, I had the time to do some photo shoot during our Palawan honeymoon, so wait for my version of postnuptial pictorial.. hehe..

prenup pictoria, Subic

Thank you for viewing!! Till my next post!

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  1. lovely couple and beautiful photos :)

  2. where in subic? palnning also to have our prenup in one of the beaches either Batangas or Subic.

    1. HI! location is Subic Boardwalk, beside The Lighthouse Marina Resort. Goodluck on you prenup and have fun! ;)