Sunday, 27 January 2013

Are you brave enough to try Tamilok? (Palawan's famous delicacy)

Transparent white, slimy, feathery, repulsive, worm-like! Are you brave enough to try it? The good part is that they said it tastes so much like oyster, some said milk or  squid. Just the thought of eating a worm-like thingy is enough to make my stomach turn plus my hubby badgering me to try it made me decide to skip this challenge and be the damsel in distress, anyway its our honeymoon and I want him to be my hero! hehe. (excuses! excuses!)

After our Underground River Tour, our tourist guide encouraged us to try Palawan's famous delicacy, I did try their crocodile meat sisig which is not that challenging for me since they cooked it so well I can't taste the difference.. haha.  But eating a raw Tamilok is something else! Sorry but I chickened out.... I'll just try the cooked one from Kinabuch's Bar and Grill please....

Tamilok is also called a "wood worm"  or "shipworms" but it is not actually a worm. It is a mollusk found inside rotting mangroves.  According to the locals, to enjoy it best you should eat it fresh and raw as is, or by dipping it in a vinegar sauce with chili  and other spices  (kilawin, kinilaw, Tamilok Ceviche), like the picture below:

 Well my hero (my hubby), tried it both, with and without the sauce and swore it tastes like oyster.  I still kissed him afterwards for being so brave.. haha..

does it look yummy to you? he ate it like spaghetti!
Tamilok is rich in protein and also known as an aphrodisiac. No wonder I got pregnant from our honeymoon! Oh yes I am 2 months pregnant!!  

hubby is liking it!! a lot! ate most of it raw without the vinegar sauce

and he kept on asking for more! a show-off huh! I let him basked in his glory.... for the time being.

 Curious how it looks like from its source? Here it is....  

photo not mine... if you know the source please let me know so I can give credit

So, are you brave enough to try it raw? 

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  1. Hi Violy, your hubby is so brave. No one can make me try that slimy thing even if they will pay me hahahahaha - journey NI Ikoy

    1. Haha. Actually I almost tried it. Intimidating kasi ang itsura nya but the taste is just like talaba daw e favorite ko yun! ;) maybe next time...

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  3. Braver than me! This is a great post about Tamilok, and congrats on the baby-to-come. I'd like to link your blog post to one I'm writing about tamilok? I wasn't brave enough to eat it RAW.

    1. Hi Donna thanks for dropping by! Sure you can link your post to mine. Thank you again. Cheers!

  4. Your husband is braver than me! Great post about eating tamilok, and congrats on your baby-to-come. I'd like to link your blog post to one I'm writing about tamilok. I only had the guts to try it breaded and crispy-fried.