Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Singapore Skyline at Night

So you are spending a night at one of the most expensive cities in the world like Singapore and you realized, you are running out of cash! Hmmmm so what's the best way to enjoy the night without spending much? Are you just going sleep in your hotel room until its time to leave? Nah, such a waste of time, get your camera, go out and enjoy a good walk and snap some night scenes! It's free and enjoyable!

After our dinner one night  during my latest trip to SG, we walked around the best place to snap some best shots of Singapore skyline at night.  Start walking from Esplanade to the side of Fullerton Hotel and The Merlion Park. Along the way you will enjoy the best and well photographed icons of Singapore.

Check some of my shots:

The Merlion and Marina Bay Sands
A portion of Singapore's Central Business Center
on the other side is Esplanade
The Merlion
Singapore Flyer on the left and Marina Bay Sands on the right
amazing display of lights at Marina Bay Sands
I used a borrowed camera for these shots, just handheld. Which is a bit frustrating because I cannot use the manual settings, I did not have time to read the user manual. I am pretty sure my shots would be better with my old bridge camera, and I will be shooting in raw with long exposure settings and with the help of my reliable tripod . Oh my camera, how I am missing you! Hope to get a replacement soon!

Here's me enjoying the night:

And to make things better? A romantic walk with your special someone!

So next time you have a free night in Singapore, enjoy snapping some photos here. Remember, walking is good for your health, and for your budget, you'll get the best view of  Singapore's icons for FREE! 

Check also my post about my personalized walking tour of Singapore's Downtown Core.

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  1. I love the Singapore Skyline view from City Hall/Esplanade area and seeing the flyer, MBS and the Merlion. Imagine years ago, only the merlion was in this area.

  2. wow amazing!!!!!!!!looks awesome....and obviously a great photography too...

  3. this is my dream city......

    In future if it is possible I must go there....

    nice photography....

  4. Ayiii...favorite ko yung to make things better na part. :D Though by the time na gumabi na nung nandiyan ako, napakasakit na ng paa namin parehas dahil mga 11 hours na kami naglakad kung saan-saan. At naghihingalo na yung batt ng camera na dala namin. First time ko rin makita yung Singapore Skyline nun, ang ganda! :D

  5. That's so beautiful. Now, if only I had someone to share that magnificent beauty with...

  6. A night walk to this concrete jungle will reveal a testament that the city is a soaring economic tiger populated with people in corporate attire! Singapore has been so elite and has becoming a model city to other cities in the world :) Great shots Vi!

  7. oh you took really good photos in Singapore!! Looks like you two really enjoyed your trip. you look good together <3

  8. I also like how you captured the light show at MBS.

  9. Okay, so you used a borrowed camera, cannot work with the manual settings because you didn't have time to read the manual? And still you came up with magnificent shots! Just look at those night shots. Awesome. Just awesome.

    1. Among the above shots, I especially liked the Merlion. Oh, and the display of light at the Marina Bay Sands. Beautiful Singapore.

  10. Breath taking photos. Singapore is really beautiful.

  11. i will just do the same whenever i visit SG soon ... love the lights at night .. at least it is not forbidden there to take photos unlike in ayala and BGC, you need to secure a permit first ... what a total bash and waste of time--only in the Philippines.

  12. Wow! how romantic seeing these scenes with a special someone. You still have great shots there. Such a nice capture of the beauty of SG.

  13. Though staying in Hong Kong is less expensive than in Singapore, I also ran out of cash on my last day. But instead of sulking in my room, I went out and visited nearby parks that don't require entrance fees. :)) I love Marina Bay Sands! Hopefully I'll get to stay there in the future.

  14. Excellent captures of the City lights that make the photographs more interesting and radiantly beautiful. The views are breath-taking especially the amazing display of lights at Marina Bay Sands.

  15. Wow! happy to see you with your special someone!!! Am I hearing wedding bells? hehe
    Beautiful Singapore!

  16. Beautiful! Singapore is a city we always love, my husband being from there added to that fact that it always have a special place in our hearts, my kids are always happy for an upcoming trip! :)

  17. Even without you usual camera, you still managed to capture the beauty of Singapore at night.

  18. i'm starting to miss singapore... especially these night sights at marina bay. you just need to wait til its passed 7pm to witness this. LOL. Yahweh bless.