Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A side trip to Dimanglet Island, Coron, Palawan

One disadvantage of travelling on a pre-arranged tour is that you can't simply back out. During my recent trip to Coron, we had a  terrible storm. The coast guard warned the local boats not to go out in the open sea,  my first two days wasn't so affected, but on the 3rd day during my Las Islas Tribal Tour, the waves are just so strong.

After my Boracay near death experience and me travelling alone, it wasn't fun at all, its like dejavu all over again. But risks are part of life. Scary, but beyond the fear is the real definition of life, of enjoying things that you hold close to your heart and for me that is exploring nature and seeing new places.  

We are supposed to go to CYC Island but instead of putting our lives in danger we decided to wait for a good weather at Dimanglet Island. A blessing in disguise because I've already been to CYC Island the day before. Yey!

Welcome to Dimanglet Island, this is the second part of our Las Islas Tribal Tour after a visit to Barangay Lajala , a cultural village  of the Tagbanuas. It is just a small island in Coron, which reminds me so much of "Cast Away" movie by Tom Hanks, far away from civilisation, a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature at its best.

And best of all, is a time spent with new friends. For this trip since I'm  solo, the tour company let me join a group of 4, I call them "kids" because they are so young!  I envy them that at their age, they are able to travel and see so many places as a group. I never had that privilege when I was their age, I wasn't so financially independent yet by then.

exploring the small island
and special lunch.. its kamayan time!

Then off we go... goodbye Dimanglet! Hope to visit you again someday soon. Thank you for the memories.. 

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  1. Such beautiful cove. I'd like to see it though without those colorful flags. It'll make it look more pristine... But that's just me :D

    1. yeah I feel the same, the place is uninhabited, with the presence of those colorful flags it made the place look commercialized which is the intention of the owner to entice tourist to drop by. ;(

  2. wow... you traveled solo in Coron? hmmm... im going to coron on dec. im not sure if my friend would join me pa... hehe. anywayz... ok lang din nmn cause i look forward to meet new friends =)

    Cheers =)