Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Online casinos rival the world’s most spectacular gaming destinations

Gaming destinations can be found in some of the most spectacular settings around the world, but with the arrival of online casinos these destinations have been sidelined by the ever growing internet industry. Part of the attraction of sites like http://www.jackpotcitycasino.com  is their instant and easy accessibility and the fact that in today’s tougher economic climate players do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes. To me, this is an attractive option, but there is nothing that beats the experience of visiting a spectacular, internationally renowned casino like the Venetian in Macau, Le Grande Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco or the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip. Long term this is not a feasible option as plane tickets are not cheap, so as an alternative players flock to top online casinos and experience casino style entertainment that is freely available 24/7.

In America the Las Vegas strip is over 4 miles long and home to massive casinos and resorts that are all worth a visit, and in Asia, the region of Macau covers 28.6kms,boasting more casino games than even Vegas itself. However, neither of these spectacular gaming destinations can rival the sheer amount of games available on the internet, as online casinos are not limited to floor space and can host as many games as they desire . This adds to their attraction and as well as being affordable and convenient it means there is a game for everyone.

Online casinos cannot rival scenery, location and the spectacular gaming destinations that are home to some of the world’s greatest casinos, but they certainly do hold their own attractions and have considerably affected the gaming tourism sector. Previously people had no other alternative other than to travel to a destination to game, however now they can simply turn on their PC or mobile phone. This has dented the gambling tourism industry and forced locations to either offer discounted rates and special deals or to shift their focus to other attractions on offer by the destination.

Online casinos will never replace the thrill of visiting a new country or gaming in one of the world most renowned venues, but they have succeeded in offering an alternative that has become incredibly popular and continues to draw people away from visiting gaming locations purely just to gamble.

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