Friday, September 28, 2012

Miniland at Legoland Malaysia, Model up close: KLIA

As part of my Legoland Series, let me share my boyfriend's  favorite part of Legoland Malaysia, their Lego version of KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). My boyfriend works as an Aircraft Technician, 12 to 14 hours everyday airport is his playground. And seeing this Lego version of KLIA is really something to be amazed about even to someone like me who hates airports (because I hate flying, hehe) what is so special about it? It offers a bird's eye view of the actual airport! The planes are taxiing, the small vehicles are moving, the conveyor belt carrying the passenger bags are also moving plus sound effects! How's that! And it was so perfectly done up to minutest details, the passengers and even the luggages. Well, of course don't expect the planes to take-off.. hehe.        

From this close up shot of the aircraft you can see the Lego bricks, but I am still in awe how they were able to put those pieces together.

The aircraft unloading / loading passengers

the airport conveyor belt

Taxiing Tiger Airways Aircraft
Departure and Arrival Area. All of those vehicles are moving!

Amazing right? For other Lego models on display at Legoland Malaysia, please check this link under "Malaysia" - Legoland Theme Park- Johor Bahru .

More to come!

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  1. Wow, the airport looks real and yet still have the regular lego look. I want to be a kid again and play with those lego planes.

  2. Good to hear your boyfriend works as an Aircraft Technician,nice way to promote his job...:);).Anyway it's a good article with some amazing photoes.Nice entertaining post....

  3. Wow, Lego included even KLIA, that's pretty awesome. I really like the photos, the people look like giants walking along the airport =)

  4. these people are artists, like a cross between sculptors and architects.

  5. another awesome shot from you

  6. I was in Singapore last week. Actually my friend and I went to JB to fly a plane from Senai Airport. Contemplated going to Legoland, but the pilots in Senai said it's good only for kids. What do you think? Was it worth it? Or better enjoyed if you were a child?

  7. I love the art work put into the details of each of the structures. I loved going to Lego Land when I was younger! So many good memories.