Thursday, September 13, 2012

A step back in time: Museum Crisologo, Vigan, Philippines

Golden memories... sometimes when you see something or visits a place there's this point of recognition and you can't help yourself from smiling remembering the significance of the place or a thing.  That's what happened to me when I visited Museum Crisologo in Vigan with my family a few months back. Aside from the historical significance of the place, it made me travel back in time, 25 to 30 years ago, in my grandpa's house, and I remembered every picture, every house decor, the house furniture, the wooden floor, the capiz windows that I still love, my aunt's cooking area with a clay stove and her clay pots!  During those times that you can't barely see anything at night with just a lamp, when electricity is only for the rich, when you go out at night in the dark to tell ghost stories while listening to the crickets. I can imagine everything vividly!

We went with our mom and my aunt too and it made me so happy  hearing the sisters chatting incessantly "tatay used to have something like this before" or "nanay's rocking chair" or "our dining table". Which made it more exciting to tell my four nephews and nieces how life back then was like.  Priceless moments!

Let me bring you there.. and let me know if there's a  flicker of recognition too at your end.

Based on my readings this place is the ancestral home of the Crisologo's. Floro Crisologo is the famous brain behind the establishment of Social Security System we are still enjoying up to now. One of the most famous congressmen during his time, his death made the family decide to put up this museum in his memory. For more history about this place please check this link.

On the ground floor you will find Mr Crisologo's office and some of the old cars and memorabilia they used in their backyard during those times.

Up the stairs is the main house. Check their living room! My grandparents used to have something exactly like this, and those photos!

Rocking chairs! My grandma used to have one too.

These windows! I still love them even now. My bedroom window now is almost the same, unfortunately not made of capiz.

The rooms, the beds, makes me miss not only the place I can remember vividly but also the memory of the people I used to share the place with. 

Can you still remember this type of kitchen? Picture below on the right is by the way is their toilet!

The museum is free but they are accepting donations for the maintenance of the place. From Calle Crisologo take a calesa ride and just inform the driver to bring you to the Museum which is in Vigan’s Liberation Boulevard , it is open all thoughout the week. 

Sadly most of the houses like this are now part of history. I am so thankful that once upon a time I enjoyed every minute of my childhood in a household almost exactly like this one. I will treasure those memories forever and will never ever get tired telling these stories to my future kids...

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  1. ive been into that place 4 years ago.. this made me to like vintage and antiques.. our ilocos trip when i was in college.

  2. Commendable how the place has been preserved! It's so rare nowadays to see such. Very Filipino, this is how I imagined noli me tangere and el fili's settings would be. Thanks for the tour!

  3. this is very timely as i will visit ilocos region by october ...will definitely include this on my list .. i am half ilocano but never been to ilocos ... ahahaha/.love the post

  4. It's a nice museum. My husband's office had their team building in Ilocos last year and they have photos taken on Museum Crisologo. It's good to know that many historical places are being restored and/or preserved.

  5. It's been more than a decade since I been to Vigan and seen this museum and its always nice to appreciate the rich heritage of Vigan City and I hope I can get back soon.

  6. I was actually fortunate to have visited the Crisologo Museum. Having been there felt like I was being transported to another time. I was actually amazed more by the kitchen area than the rest of the house (oh plus the pink car too!). What was even amusing was that my cousin used to be the gf of Bingbong's eldest son. :P

  7. Old tools, old furniture... everything looks old but properly preserved. It's scary to sleept in that old bed! The museum should be well taken care of for more generations to see.

  8. This is so wonderful, a real step-back in time. My dream is to have a house similar to this which my children, grandchildren, and all the rest who will come can enjoy.

  9. Deja vu. It happens to me every now and then, too. And yes, back when I was young, the stove at home looked exactly as the one in the pic. Memories!

  10. i remembered also having these stuffs in our province in luzon... making me feel how simple life is back then. Yahweh bless.

  11. When i saw the picture of your grandpa's house I remember the house of my grandparents, they have many antique home furnishings.

  12. Thank you for sharing this. Yeah, I suddenly remembered the house of my grandparents. Just like that, with windows that can be opened wide and fresh air entering to the house making it homey.