Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vivi's Bridge Camera Challenge : Children Photography (Part 1)

Have you tried photographing kids? Difficult right? Well don't worry because you are not alone. No matter what camera you are using, a dslr, a bridge camera, a hybrid camera or just a point and shoot, we all encounter the same problems because kids are one of the most challenging aspect of photography. They have a short attention span, they move so fast, they wont take posing instructions and they may want to play with you or your camera /gears so you should have a strategy to come up with some few good shots. So what should you do to take better pictures of them? Let me enumerate in this post just 4 good tips.

Before I start, on July 3 is my niece' 5th Bday and I have decided to write this post as a birthday greeting to her. She's my #1 model anyway, happy Bday Gail!! So for this post, let me share some of my personal favorite photos I took of Gail.

There are really no rules in taking children photography but let me enumerate just 4 good tips:

1) Let them be - don't ask them to pose or you will end up having to settle with their tantrums, best approach is let them be. If they want to play let them play, the more natural their environment is, the better your pictures will be.

 left photo: Gail  throwing me out of my own room, closing my veranda door so I can't get in.. clever kid!
right photo: while Gail is playing with her cousins

2) Camouflage yourself and divert their attention away from your camera- why?  kids are always curious when they see your camera flashing and they most of the time end up playing with your camera. So I always shoot without a flash, the least you expose your camera to their curiosity, the better. So I always prefer well lighted room, or better do it outdoors! 

3)  Be patient and go with their mood - the least you want are kids throwing their tantrums so you need your patience here, if you can't get a good shot it's your problem not theirs. I suggest just use the "burst mode" of your camera that way you will surely capture a lot of scenes and just choose the best pictures later on.

Left: Gail playing with her new "phone".. hehe
Right: Gail's private moment with her dad

4) Keep on shooting! - when photographing kids you may have hundreds of shots but will end up choosing only a few. So don't waste time, hold on to your camera, follow them around, arrange your composition and keep on shooting! and of course don't forget to enjoy!! Goodluck!!

left photo: a sweet smile after eating her cookie!
right photo: Gail's precious time at Baluarte, see how the bird is hurting her? Brave girl!

Gail  the supermodel ....

Photographing kids maybe difficult but it's a rewarding one. So take out those cameras and snap some photos of your precious one and don't forget to enjoy!!

To our little girl we always call "Geng-geng" happy birthday to you!! And we love you so much!!

Camera Used: Lumix DMC-FZ35
Photographer: Vivi

 For more of my camera challenges please check this link


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  1. Useful tips! I agree, never ask them to pose. Either they wouldn't or, worse, they'd give you their canned pose they have learned from their parents. Kids are great subjects for candid shots anyway. They're not self-conscious and mostly spontaneous and in-the-moment.

    Happy birthday to your niece! :)

  2. awww!!! Such an adorable, that's what I love about photography, ....
    Photos never grow old.

  3. nice photos!! love her eyes!! so enchanting!! xx

  4. Great photos. Capturing kids is much more difficult since they keep on moving and you can count the time that they are still but I agree that it's worth the effort capturing those candid moments. It's natural and they are always full of life.

  5. Photographing Kids??
    I've done them no sweat.. hahhaha!
    well as for me, I used a telephoto lens..
    so I shoot from a distance, in that way the shots will be candid.
    It's nice to photograph kids in a candid way..
    I enjoy taking shots like that especially in photowalks with my travels.

  6. My youngest brother is my favorite model. He's well behaved and he lets me be when I take photos. Sometimes he poses pa for me without even asking. He knows when I'm finished he can look na at the photos. :3

    Advance happy birthday to your niece! :)

  7. MY kid is hard to take candid shots of ... laging nakapose kasi haha

  8. Thaat is one cute Kid, Nice shots specially the first pic.

  9. such a cute kid, i love the first picture too, i tried sometimes to do kids photography on my sisters and random kids where ever i go like one time in the ocean park

  10. This is also one of the things I want to learn . For some reasons hindi talaga ako marunong kumuha ng angles pagdating sa tao. Photos are moving. Kudos!

  11. The tips are so informative and the model is so cute. I like the stolen shots. They reflect the true mood of the model. Nice shots!

  12. When the Davao Bloggers did an outreach program at Barangay Panalum, Paquibato District. We took the chance to take photos of the innocent children of the Matigsalug tribe. One beautiful subject on what you refer to as "kids photography" is the eyes of a child.

  13. Minsan, mejo mahirap talaga 'pag bata ang subject. Kudos for having stunning shots! :D

  14. Thank you for the post. It's really hard to take photos of kids. Taking candid photos of them is easier than asking them to pose for you. I always wanted to shoot kids and I will do that soon. I was just looking for a perfect location and ask a few friends to borrow their kids.

  15. I can relate and agree with all of these tips. I would normally use a telephoto lens so that I could take photos of them from afar without them knowing it. :)

  16. Rules 1, 3 and 4 really works. I've been taking pictures of my baby for 400 days now. XD

  17. Cute kid! nice pictures, really captured the moment. :)

  18. Most of my kids' photos were blur coz they kept on moving. Wish I have that kind of cam which can take continuous shots lol

  19. I think there's still a long way to go for me.

  20. This is really good topic. Shared it to Special Education Philippines Facebook page. Please post in our page once you have part 2 :)

    1. wow thank you! Ok will post the part 2.. thanks so much! ;)