Saturday, July 7, 2012

Monasterio de Tarlac - Holy, Solitary and Peaceful

Statue of the Risen Christ, tarlac

Yes, you've read that right, Tarlac Philippines. We rarely hear a place in Tarlac that is worthy of visiting, but this place really took my heart by storm. Aside from the religious significance of the place, it is also a perfect place to unwind, a quiet place to just sit down and see a different side of Tarlac and its natural beauty. It has a great ambiance for those seeking solitude for spiritual reflection, the deafening silence will make you feel more closer to God enough to rejuvenate your soul.

This place is located atop a mountain in San Jose, Tarlac. It is home to the Servants of the Risen Christ Monastic Community, a home to the Relic of the True Cross in which Jesus Christ was crucified  and a home to the 35-foot statue of The Risen Christ

the  panoramic view from the  viewing deck of the Monasterio, sorry we had a cloudy day when we were there

they accept events also at the Monastery, during the time of our visit they were setting up the place for a wedding

Monasterio de Tarlac, Philippines
my family during their last visit, this is my brother's shot,  finally blue skies!  I should come back and get better pictures soon!
They have picnic tables at the Monastery grounds, they also have a store there where you can buy drinks and some food  but ok also to  bring your own.

Location:  Tarlac Ecotourism Park in Brgy Lubigan, San Jose Tarlac
How to get there: At Tarlac City, look for  Brgy San Sebastian (once you see Hon Kee Tea House take a left), then follow the road to San Jose. Sorry but there are no public transport going to the Monastery, you have to bring your own car. Make sure to full tank your car because the road going up the Monastery is zigzag, steep, narrow and no gasoline station nearby. Expect rice fields and local houses along the way.  Various signage are posted along the road so make sure to follow them or ask some locals for direction. Please don't travel late at night because it is not safe to drive down from the mountains without proper illumination. And of course don't forget to enjoy the place!

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  1. Oh, this resembles Rio de Janeiro's Cristo Redentor. This is really a must-see.:)

  2. I agree with Pinay Thrillseeker, my first impression is that it looks like Rio de Janeiro's Christo Redentor. The place looks peaceful and very conducive for a retreat. :)

  3. The only structures worth I know that was worth visiting that I know of is Isdaan for the massive structures and Hacienda Luisita for the unique construction of the mall and now added another place worth exploring in Tarlac. It does tower over the area and the monastery have a nice overlooking view.

  4. ah! this is very beautiful indeed, a friend told me about this, and ako rin gusto ko rin tong puntahan hehe

  5. Been here on a Holy week. I must say, great place for worship and penance...

  6. OMG, it's been my dream to visit a monastery. This place is very solemn and unwinding.
    I want to join them! Ughhhhhh... Have you tried to mingle with monks here? My co-teacher knows the founder of this monastery . :)

  7. Very beautiful and looked peaceful, I didn't know there is such place at Tarlac..

  8. wow!! very solemn. ala Rio de Janeiro ang dating. sinu mag aakala may ganyan pala sa tarlac ang galing! Thanks violy for sharing. gs2 q puntahan to. :)

    1. you are welcome Riz! actually na-suprise din ako when I visited the place, may ganito pala sa atin! yeah you should visit this place, well worth the distance.. ;)

  9. Such a beautiful place. It looks like the one seen in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil... I will include this in my travel list :) .