Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Lost Chambers, Atlantis - a gateway to discover the Legend of the Lost City of Atlantis

Have you heard of the legendary Atlantis? The continent of Atlantis disappeared into the ocean which scientists generally believed was caused by an earthquake related to gigantic underwater volcanic eruption. The famous Greek Philosopher Plato introduced Atlantis through his works around 360BC. Whether Atlantis is a myth or a fact is still a mystery up to now but it won't stop historians and scientists to continue their research with the hope to uncover the mystery. For the whole story please check this link: The Story of Atlantis.

While the resort (Atlantis The Palm) was under construction they were able to discover secret passages, their investigations revealed that in theory these could be a part of the Atlantis. Whatever they were able to recover they put them in display at 11 million litre marine home which they called The Ambassador Lagoon.

The Ambassador Lagoondisplays rare artifacts from a long lost civilization and home to more than 65,000 marine animals.

For more photos of the Ambassador Lagoon please check this link.

The Lost Chambers - Atlantis The Palm, Dubai made it possible for us to explore the mysterious ruins of Atlantis., it comes alive within the passageways and tunnels of The Lost Chambers.

The Lost Chambers is divided into 10 Chambers including the Navigation Room, Knowledge Room, The Abyss, Red Sage Chamber, Seven Sages Chamber, Blue Sage Chamber, The Workshop and the Generator Room.

Left picture: Navigation Room where the Sages will plot their travels for research.
Right picture: Knowledge Room Telephone is used by the Sages to communicate with the outside world, interesting right?

The Abyss - The Sages use this room to prepare for mining, it is the gateway to the mine that held rich minerals and treasures.  On the left is their Leather suit used for mining and on the right is the bronze and leather elevator to transport them to the mine which is at the center of the earth.

Technology Center- you are looking at their very interesting banking system! Yes you got that right. Through this equipment  the Atlanteans would conduct their business, depositing and withdrawing blue crystals which was their standard currency.  Cool huh! For a CPA, I find this so amusing!

Red Sage Chamber- The Sage used this room for astronomical studies.

Seven Sages Chamber -  you are looking at Atlantis' Organic Computer! Yeah you read that right. The Sage goes to this chamber to upload data from their exploration.  The computer was powered by the energy coming from the surrounding crystals.

Blue Sages Chamber- is the Atlateans martial arts training centre for self defense, this is where they prepare for battle. In the picture is few of their battle weapons, the Bone-Sword, Bow of Anshan and Might of Heroes Axe

Some amazing displays inside The Lost Chambers:

For more pictures please check this link.

The Lost Chambers may not own the largest Aquarium in the world but the drama behind it and us closer to Atlantis made it so special.

Ticket Price:

Adult: AED 100

Child: AED  70

Opening Hours Open daily 10.00am - 10.00pm

For further information please call +971 4 426 0000 or check their website.

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  1. Wow! It's another interesting story. Dubai is really full of wonderful places to be proud of.

  2. Impressive. Looks like a very interesting place to visit. ;)

  3. Interesting place. I first heard of Atlantis, the lost civilization, when I was a child. Your pictures make me think if the lost city really looks like them most especially the battle weapons.

  4. Wow! I feel like I just visited the lost civilization!!! interesting place.. same as Rossel hear of Atlantis in high school I think.. mystery now revealed?!

  5. Wouldn't it be great if Atlantis exists? :D My kids and I often watch the movie that disney produced which is inspired by the lost city...also, Dubai is really capitalizing on tourism and Atlantis (the Palm) and its constituent is a must see!

  6. Wow this is a great place to visit. Hope you saw Aquaman swimming.

  7. atlantis is more of a sci-fi fiction for me... but, nonetheless, this place is really amazingly cool. my children will definiely love this place. Yahweh bless.

  8. what a beautiful views and pictures...looks so fun and adventure Sis :-)

  9. Everybody wants to explore Dubai and see lots of enchanting spots.
    I've already heard about Atlantis and until now it's still a myth to me.
    Maybe you, Vivi could stop the mythology and expose what's behind of it. haha (kidding)

  10. whoa! I wanna go there... I have always been intrigued with Atlantis and all that unexplained theories... a myth or a fact... i really believe that there is truth somehow in all those stories... waiting to be discovered... thanks for the post... great place!

  11. Very informative post, I did't know that atlantis has history itself. And the views are very amazing.


  12. Now this is some place to feed our curiosity for lost civilizations. Another place to add to my long list of places to visit (when able).

  13. Some says its true on the other hand it is a myth but I do believe it is true since there are few traces of facts and evidence that it do existed.

  14. Atlantis is still a mystery but I found it very interesting :).

  15. interesting, made me wonder if it once existed :)

  16. Is Atlantis real? Maybe yes, maybe not...but for legends sake and to fuel our imagination lets err on the side of fantasy and probability and mystery...otherwise the world would be a very sad place. Thanks for sharing the mystery!

  17. Sis Violy, I soooo envy you! I want to tour The Lost Chambers too some day in the future.. :D

  18. I am really curious on how they came up with the idea of Atlantis...

  19. Wowest... got a piece of information :)
    Some other attractions in middle east like Dhow cruise Dubai has some history too, I don't know much of it but dhow cruise was also a old concept of sailing, Try google for the perfect results. And yeah I really enjoyed your post, 5 stars.

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