Monday, May 14, 2012

Galleria Umberto, the grandest Interior in Southern Italy

Galleria Umberto is an elegant and spacious public shopping gallery in Naples. The gallery was designed in the form of a cross with interiors that are considered as the grandest in Southern Italy. If your are interested in architecture, this place is a must see.  Imagine a glass dome of 184ft high braced by 16 metal ribs and a mosaic of the 12 signs of the zodiac at the center .
the mosaic of my zodiac at the center of the Galleria
The Galleria was constructed between 1887 to 1891 and named after King Umberto I, who ruled at the time of its construction. The galleria was designed by Architect Emanuele Rocco.

The Glass Ceiling:

The interior

From Port Napoli ,walk towards the castle Nuovo and pass it by about around 100 meters.  Entrance to Galleria Umberto is on the right side of the street, facing the Teatro San Carlo.

Address: Via San Carlo, Napoli, Italy

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  1. I like structures like this one. Glass dome is really illuminates the interior part of the building. :-).

  2. What a wonderful travel blog! I found lots of necessary info from your blog. Just bookmarked your blog for more explore! Thanx a lot for sharing.

  3. Oh my... Italy!!! I want your life! :)

  4. Wow, the place is simply breathtaking. I love the architecture, the details! I am so envious!

  5. This is just beautiful. You are truly blessed to have the opportunity to witness this and blog about it. Kudos to you!


  6. you make me wanna save the hell out of me! I'm putting it on my vision board, lovely!

    1. haha.. start saving now. ;) thanks!

  7. The glass ceiling is a knock out!

  8. Amazing dome! I wanna be there na! :)

  9. Europe is one amazing place to visit, lovely architecture!

  10. Great architecture. So intricately designed.

  11. Oh yes! I'll be very much interested in the architecture! I'd be taking a lot of photos and will definitely blog about it too! Lol!

    Is it an expensive place to shop?

  12. simply wow... i hope i can also witness it personally as you did. those are really magnificent structures as that of the sculptures in its walls. it was well preserved considering its age... magnificent. Yahweh bless.

  13. the details of the ceiling are really impressive.
    every corner looks very detailed as well.
    you are so fortunate to visit the place :)

  14. The ceilingggg! <3 I wish to go to places like that too. :(