Monday, April 30, 2012

Vivi's soul searching trip to Phuket, Thailand

 "You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see and your ears to things you don't want to hear but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel". 

Have you ever felt like you don't belong anywhere? You want to run but you have nowhere to go? That time in your life when you just want to be alone and do some soul searching? All of us had our share of those moments, we need to escape every now and then, it's just a part of life.

A booked a stay at one of the newest hotel in Phuket few years ago, the intial plan is that this would be my first meeting with my then ex, I applied for a 1 week leave from work and I got my boss' approval, but alas, my boyfie backed out! So I had no  choice but to go alone, my goal is to do some soul searching so I chose a hotel which is a beach front so I can enjoy a morning walk everyday, a resort with a pool so I can just stay at the poolside reading my books and it should have its own restaurant and spa so there's no need for me to go out of the resort, so I chose Sunwing Resort and Spa, a 4 star hotel. And it was more than what I have expected!

Let me share some of my photos:

The Hotel :   Sunwing Resort & Spa Bantao Beach, Phuket- It is a  fully contained family resort with its own restaurants, entertainment programs and a host of activities for all ages. For those whose ideal vacation consists of sipping colorful concoctions while dipping a toe in the surf or dozing off under swaying casuarinas trees, then hotel Sunwing Resort & Spa fits your bill to the tee.

The PoolThey have large pools all over the resort and 2 children pools. Luckily the room that I got is pool front, and I so loved the ambiance.

The room: I love the room, it is huge  and very clean. You have your own small kitchen with amenities, a small living room, cabled TV (sorry no free wifi during my stay) and even a patio where you can sit and enjoy the view of the pool.

Bangtao Beach- 6 km stretch of white sand beach, most of the best hotels in Phuket are located along Bangtao. 

Every morning for the whole week, I will do my morning walk, then after my breakfast I will sit in the sand and do some reading and of course people watching.

A lot of people have asked me to go outside and explore Phuket, but I told them nah... I am sticking to my plan. 

The Spa: they offer a wide variety of spa services and treatments including Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Oil Massage, Facial Massage, Body Cleansers, Body Treatments- each expertly handled by a professional massage therapist, an esthetician or a spa technician.  I Think for my one  week stay, I tried all! I enjoyed not only the body massages but also the sauna bath and soaking in the  hot tub... refreshing!

oil massage in front of the beach
Whenever we are sad or feeling depressed we may just need to step outside, closed our eyes, took a deep breath of fresh air and exhale. But sometimes things are not as simple as that and we may need to getaway for while to find ourselves. We may not be able to afford going to nice places all the time but what matters most is that we find time to just be alone and analyze where our emotional pain is coming from.

And afterwards is a rewarding thought that there is always something good to look forward to in life. That everyday is a struggle, and everyday given to us by God, we should strive harder to always make it better than yesterday. 

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  1. make it better than yesterday..
    I agree, we do have that certain time of the when we want to be alone..
    But for me, it's not the beach.
    it would be a vacation, in the province
    to some of my relatives who actually live in the mountains in Capiz.
    I've done this a lot of times in the past..

    I think I can understand why you stick to your plan of not wandering around in Phuket!
    The services that you availed, it seems a nice vacation after all! :)

  2. What a paradise! Really love the view!

  3. I've had such trying times too and have also longed for this kind of soul searching. I actually love the peace that one gets out of walking down the beach and just reading a nice book. I haven't done that in a while since I'm always on the go when traveling.

  4. Such an awesome place to visit...=)

  5. How shala! Soul-searching in Phuket pa. I can only afford to do my soul-searching inside my room, or around the Sunken Garden in UP, hehehehe. But based on the photos and your description, it truly was worth all the expense. In my case, baka ma-pressure ako to really search my soul after spending that much in a resort abroad. :))

  6. I would go in places like this if I want to be left alone and I had the money...but then it won't be much fun being for soul searching, I'll go to the prayer room or the carmelite monastery na lang. mas quiet duon. Still you look refreshed, so I hope you found what you were looking for.

  7. Yes, I have that feeling of insecurity. I want to relieve myself of being confused, of being indeterminate of what to do, and my best solution is not a material things. It is on spiritual solution. I commune with my Creator through a prayer of faith, a prayer of thanksgiving, and a prayer of consolation, and a prayer of peace of mind. And I did it and get what I want. Spiritual things are more permanent than temporal.

  8. ... to think I was thinking of recollections and retreats! i missed those! .. time when I can just reflect; organize my thoughts; and commune with God's nature.

    you're blessed to be able to just do what you want to do!

    for sure it was a sulit trip!:))

  9. I like your last photo...
    It depicts your innermost sentiments
    but the look in your eyes shows your
    strength to move on with your LIFE
    and still make the most of it no matter what.

  10. it's normal to seek solitude kapag may problema tayo, it let's us think clearly and reflect on what we have done.....especially kung ang lugar eh napaka-peaceful like that place :))

  11. The place is perfect for soul searching! You are right.. sometimes we just want to go away and enjoy our solitude. I love your photos! :)

  12. I hope all these wonderful place did you good and it helped you find yourself. Beautiful place, perfect rest stop for a weary soul.:)

  13. Naks naman Vi, nabighani naman ako sa mga first few sentences mo. Lumalabas ang writer-side of you, naks, hehe.

    Na-overwhelm tuloy ako sa words mo at feeling ko deadma nalang ang photos, haha... :) Love it! Gusto ko yung segway mo sa soul searching to your stay in Phuket :)

  14. PLace is perfect for soul searching. Pero sometimes I'm really not into solo traveling. Kasi ang lonely eh. Tried that once just recently (haven't blogged it pa eh). Pero I'm still open with that idea.

  15. Lazing around the beach is my idea of heaven! <3 Yes! I am a beach person. Unfortunately my neurosurgeon won't allow me to be expose under the heat of the sun, so no swimming for me during the day. Your post makes me miss Bohol so much!

  16. Oh my. The white sand looks so fiiine.
    The beach looks really relaxing and it must've been really nice to go to the beach that is not in the PH too.

  17. Minsan talaga dumadating yung gusto mulang mapag-isa.. Lagi akong may ganyang Drama.. hehehehe...

    BTW Ganda ng View... :)

  18. I wish I could do my own soul searching outside the country. ^_^

    I'm almost at the state same as yours but I had to resist the urge which I need to take care of other things first.

  19. Soul searching is always a part of my "things-to-do list" every time I'm doing my Thai travel every two years.:)There are lots of interesting things and wonderful sights to see in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok and Phuket.:)

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