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Vivi's Personalized Walking Tour- Singapore's Downtown Core

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living 2012 survey result, Singapore is the 9th most expensive city in the world. So why tourists love Singapore? Well it is because Singapore is safe, lively, clean and of course don't forget the food!

So how to explore Singapore on a budget? In so many ways! I will share one of many walking tours you could do in Singapore for FREE! This tour is good for your health and of course for your pocket.

This walking tour starts and ends at Esplanade, to go to Esplanade take a few minutes walk from City Hall train station via the underground walkway that connects four malls.  You can see directions everywhere so you won't get lost. Or simply take a taxi direct to Esplanade.

Here's the map of the location and famous landmarks to explore: 

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So here we go:

Part 1:  Esplanade - Singapore's performing arts venue

Lucky for us, they have a free musical show at the lobby when we arrived, after the walking tour we took the time to sit and relax here watching the free show.

From Esplanade walk towards Merlion Park and don't miss taking a snap of  Marina Bay Sands opposite the river:

Marina Bay Sands is a world-class luxury casino and hotel in Singapore capped by Sands Skypark.

and Singapore's Flyer

Esplanade on the left and furthest to the right is Singapore's Flyer
footpath from Esplanade to Merlion Park
 and of course Singapore's Icon up close! 
from the background, you will see the construction of Marina Bay Sands in full swing during the time this photo was taken
Merlion is Singapore's icon, it is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish
Part 2: Then take the foot path below Esplanade Bridge and locate Asian Civilization Museum cross the heritage Cavenagh Bridge and you will find Fullerton Hotel.
Cavenagh Bridge, is the oldest bridge in Singapore that exists in its original form, opened in 1870.
Fullerton Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel it was originally known as The Fullerton Building, and also as the General Post Office Building

Part 3:  After enjoying Fullerton Hotel area  walk back to Cavenagh Bridge and walk opposite the river and you will be back at Asian Civilisation Museum walk further to Victoria Memorial Hall, the former Parliament House, Supreme Court, St Andew's Church, Capitol Building and head back to Esplanade Mall.
Asian Civilisation Museum a gateway to asian culture

Victoria Memorial Hall and statue of Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore
The Old Parliament House
Parliament of Singapore

St Andrew's Church

Singapore's Supreme Court

Part 3: Then walk back towards Esplanade Mall, you will pass by Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is a historic building , it was one of the first air-conditioned theatre in Singapore. When it was built, it was also the largest of the 10 cinemas on the island.
 From Capitol Building, cross the road and ta-da.. you are back at Esplanade Mall.

Estimated walking time: at least 1 hour depending on your pace, you can also design your own walking tour based on your interest, whatever it is, don't forget to enjoy Singapore!

So if you are tight on the budget, don't be scared to visit Singapore, you can still enjoy it with limited funds. 

Note: Most of the photos are taken using my regular Olympus point and shoot camera and are accumulations from my travels to Singapore. 

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  1. Ganda talaga ng Singapore...:)

    Ganda ng Marina Bay Sands pic nyo po..

  2. Your SIN Tour gave me a newer perspective. I just realized that some of the famous sites that you posted here, I only took pictures of during the night. Truly, Singapore still looks different during the day.

  3. Never been to Sg. Hopefully this year. I will add this to my bucketlist. KUlit naman ng pic na tulak tulak na eksena. :) nice!

  4. hope i bump u somewhere here i live in singapore hehe

  5. wow! what a beautiful views and pictures....I've never been to Singapore :-)

  6. Thanks for the guide. The best way to explore a place is really through walking. I admire Singapore for being so clean and safe.

  7. Being a budget traveler, these tips are very helpful! I don't mind walking around Singapore because they have clean surrounding, aside from it's a good exercise. :)

  8. I did half of this walking tour. Never got to see the Merlion up close, just from the cruise. I agree with you though - don't let SG's sosyal rep deter backpackers. I found the city quite affordable for poor travelers like me. :))

  9. I find SG super expensive too! It's as expensive as some stuff in Australia. So it's good the walking tours in SG are free :)

  10. Nice shots---- would love to see this place as well---thanks for the photo tour

  11. Singapore is nice but a very expensive city. My brother and I eat only once a day when we were in Singapore because it is a very expensive. Nice shots!

  12. Depende lang talaga sa tao kung magastos sya talaga. Grabe andami palang mapupuntahan sa Singapore na free lang. Nice. Excited na ko sa trip namin sa September papunta dyan!

  13. Where did you stayed in SG? parang gusto ko pumunta dyan.

  14. di pa ako nakapuntang Sg.. :( ganda talaga anoh?

  15. Marina Bay sands is such a taker,
    and the ST Andrews Church looks so stark while in your photo.
    Ive never been to SG yet, however, I don't despair
    I know for a fact that I will be able to visit this wonderful country soon.
    perhaps even work in it

  16. Personalized tour? Does it mean you personally tour around the downtown of Singapore without any guide or someone who leads you? If so, how adventurous you are!

  17. yes, Singapore is very very expensive and over-rated. There is no soul, only malls, hotels and a vague history. I was not impressed at all when I went there. But then that's just me. And surprisingly, when we went out of our hotel (Concorde) at the back exit, there were cigarette butts everywhere!!! I think Singaporeans like to challenge their system in this benign way...oh and there are street beggars too ha!

  18. oh walking in singapore? i have never thought of that coz the touristy places are far apart (i thought)so i limit the walking while inside the Sentosa haha...

  19. Haven't been to SG yet, I'm always looking forward to go there to do some sight-seeing. I guess the place is Photogarpher-Friendly based on the pictures you posted. ^_^

  20. What I know about SINGAPORE is the overwhelming discipline
    of the people not to mention the cleanliness and orderliness of the traffic situation.
    The photos you've taken are only few of their remarkable spots and you seem to
    enjoy the stay to the max.