Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not just Any Cab

Have you hailed a cab lately? Whether you are a business or leisure traveler, at some point, you will need a car to be able to roam around. It's not all the time that we have friends/ relatives to drive us around; sometimes, we just have to do it on our own. 

Whenever I travel, I research about the place where I'm headed. If the feedback is good about hailing cabs anywhere, then well and good. If not, then I always arrange to get picked up by a cab from a taxi company, or I book one together with my hotel or travel tour. 

I have this phobia with cabs in Asia and since I am always on the go, I always try my best to plan ahead. Travelers are concerned about a lot of things: luggage, money, travel documents, and of course, TIME. One thing I don't want to happen is to see myself losing any of my valuables – this will ruin my holiday! So, I always make sure to have someone trustworthy to drive me around.

I'm planning for my trip to UK in a few months. My relatives have been nagging me to pay them a visit because the last time I've been to Italy was more than a year ago. They felt bad that I did not even drop by.  So, I'm presently in my “planning mode”. My relatives there are juggling 2 to 3 jobs and my grandmother is not driving anymore, so I've been researching about transport services within London.

My boyfriend just went to London for a wedding a few months back and being from New York with over 13,000 cabs, it’s safe to say that he has had his own fair share of cab drivers. He is definitely more knowledgeable about cabs than me.  He told me to check based on his last trip to London, so I did.

It's interesting because Any Cabs will provide you options and rates in an instant, based on your pickup and drop-off point. You will be the one to select which one is best for you based on your personal criteria.

Basic questions are asked: you pick-up point, your drop-off point, your pick-up date and time. You can even request for "now" and you just have to indicate if you want the cab to pick you up after 10 minutes, 20, 30, etc. You just have to identify how many passengers and how many bags you have, whether you need a return journey or not, or if you need extra trips. They will ask for your London mobile number too so they can SMS outright to verify your booking.

So how does operate? Any Cabs is accrediting taxi providers and they are pooling all these cabs sources to offer passengers with as many choices as possible.  Which means the operators will be providing their best rates, too, considering how they are aware of the competition.

What's interesting is they also provide benefits to frequent passengers. So the more you book, the cheaper the rates. You just have to join by being a member and they provide a mile system to monitor your bookings with them.

So, for those staying in London or those scheduled to travel there, be sure to check Any Cabs for your cab needs.  Yes, you will find a wide variety of cabbies without them, but one thing is for sure: nothing is more important than your safety and your time.

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  1. Hi Violy, Cabs are good but can get expensive in London (UK)... unless there's no underground link. Metro there is well connected & cheap.
    If cabs to be taken, my guess is AnyCab would be cheaper than hailing one off the street & safer :-)

  2. When you appear at your desired destination, you must select either a rental car or taxi cab to get all over.

    cab in barnet

  3. cabs are the most accessible autos to rent and make use of its benefits when in a vacation..but just too sad to know that most cabs for hire are very expensive. :(

  4. I hired cabs when I am in hurry or my appointment but I just take the jeepney, it is more fun and cheaper :-)

  5. I always like to see the cab in UK. The touch of being a classic is what I love to see.