Sunday, January 8, 2012

Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios is finally in Southeast Asia!!!  This is the second one in Asia (next to Japan) and one of the star attraction in Resort World at Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Universal Studios soft opened on March 18, 2010 and after 2  weeks with much anticipation I traveled 5 hours by land from Malaysia ... alone.. Just to see the place! I arrived a day earlier to make sure I'll be there before the gate opens... The tickets are limited daily so better be sure you can get one!! I don't want to waste all that travel time to see nothing!Smiley I was back again by July 2010 to tour the place with a friend from Dubai... Universal Studios officially opened on May 28, 2011.

  Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 zones:

The 7 zones of Universal Studios, map source:

1) Hollywood Zone- Themed after the real Hollywood Boulevard with its famous Hollywood 'Walk of Fame'.
Holywood Zone
Hollywood Zone Hollywood Zone

2) New York Zone-Themed after post-modern New York City. Come Let's stroll New York streets!!

New York Zone New York Zone

          new York Zone new York Zone

For more New York Zone photos please click this link.

3) Sci-Fi City Zone - a futuristic city and metropolis .

Sci Fi Zone

4) Ancient Egypt Zone- here comes amazing Egyptian Architecture!

Ancient Egypt Zone
Ancient Egypt Zone

For more photos of Ancient City please click here.

5) The Lost World Zone -  You can find here Jurassic Park and Waterworld.

The Lost World Zone
The Lost World Zone

For more photos of the Lost World Zone please click this link.

6) Far Far Away Zone- here It's all about Shrek and Fiona!
far far away zone
Far Far Away Castle
For more photos please click this link.

7) Madagascar Zone- features all of the characters from DreamWorks Animations' Madagascar.

madagazcar Zone
Madagazcar Zone

For more photos of Madagascar Zone please click this link.

Here's the official website of Universal Studios Singapore:

Universal Studios Operating Hours:

          10:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday 

Universal Studios Ticket Price (in Sing $):


(Ages 13 to 64) (Ages 4 to 12) (Age 65 and above)

One Day Non-Peak Pass1
68 50 32
One Day Peak Pass1
74 54 36
Two Day Pass1
118 88 58

To make sure you can get in, buy tickets in advance!!! If you're out of Singapore then buy tickets online. Enjoy Universal Studios!Smiley  

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  1. I really enjoyed everything here. thanks for sharing Violy!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures.. We've been there in Singapore but we didn't enter in Universal Studios because all tickets are sold out.. =( We went around outside the place.. hehhe

  3. Finally! A place I've been to! However, I started panicking when I read your post because I never knew that there were places such as "Ancient Egypt," "Jurassic Park," "The Lost World," and "Far Far Away!!!" Huhuhuhu We only went to Hollywood, New York, Sci Fi City and thought that that was all to it! AHAHAHAHHAHA How stupid of us! That's what happens when you don't research or explore. Missed opportunity talaga! At least now I know :)) Next time na lang :))

  4. Grabe ka from Malaysia to US along just to see this? Ow, epic! :))

  5. looking so enjoy and had much fun... and yeah, parang jetsetter lng..hehehe.. M'sia to US and more..woooow!!!


  6. hala ako kaya kailan??? ehe,, parang nagtour narin ako with your photos..thanks

  7. Universal is a must to visit talaga sa Singapore! Hoping to visit it this year again

  8. I missed this in SG! I never even got to step on Sentosa Island. Well, yet another reason to go back. :) Based on your photos, my fave is the Lost World. I was so much into dinosaurs when I was a kid. Seeing the lifelike and larger-than-life reptiles would be like a childhood dream! :))

  9. Wow it looks like you had a great time at Universal Studios! I've been to Singapore with my family back in 2008, but no Universal Studios yet. :-)

  10. love this post..


  11. I am envious! I will be visiting Malaysia later this year. Hopefully, if time and cash permit, I'll make a side trip to Singapore. Nakakainggit photos mo :-)

  12. The staff of my church went there last Sem Break, and they had fun. With this post, so do you.

  13. wow, do they shoot movies there too or is it just a theme park for people to visit and enjoy?

  14. Parang lahat ng gusto mong puntahan, nandun na. Thanks for sharing your pictures ^_^

  15. It's a very long list of wonderful, amazing pictures of everything inside the Universal Studios, Singapore. How many hours did it take you to roam around the USS? This is the kind of place that I wanted to see when I was a kid. Well, with your pictures alone, I'm already contented of what I wanted to see. Thanks.

  16. ang ganda ganda, i wish someday makapunta rin ako dyan.. will save this link for future use.. ^_^

  17. This post is closely similar to mine. I have been here and its really a place of fun! really lovely! Good thing you enjoyed like I did. xxxx

  18. WOw looks like fun ah. never heard of the streetboys though

  19. Feeling ko I was there as well ... such a vivid post ... thanks for the photos ... hopefully next year my son and I can go to SG na rin. Will visit this for sure.

  20. Two words: Beautiful and kainggit. As usual, your post rocks!

  21. I love the pictures! I wish to visit SG soon! :D

  22. WOW! From the look of all the photos, you really enjoyed your trip there at Singapore!

  23. i 'd lije to have a photo with frankenstein too.Ganda ng mga photo's, your pics saves us money to visit there.

  24. Ganda ng pictures!

    Though sobrang bigat ng page mo, ms violy. Sobrang dami ng pictures, ang slow na ng pagload. Pero baka sa internet connection ko din.

    1. Yeah dami ko na tinanggal na pictures sa lagay na yan... Hehe... Niliitan ko nalang ulit and nag delete ako ulit... Hirap pag lahat ng picture gusto ko... Hehe ;)) thanks Leah!

  25. I know the feelings... I've been to Universal Studio in Japan with my family but such years ago. I was amazed talaga... Parang di na matatapos yung feelings na gusto kong ulit uliting makita... :D

  26. Wow! I hope we can visit this someday. :D