Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crystal Cove, Laurel Island / Boracay Philippines

Crystal Cove is an island hopping destination and one of the best tourist attraction in Boracay. It is actually a part of Laurel Island which is situated in between Boracay and Caticlan. It is approximately 2 hectares in size. What to expect from Crystal Cove? White sand, palm trees, rugged cliffs, their famous caves, breathtaking  panoramic view of South China Sea and a picnic area.

Going to Laurel Island is not free, you have to pay P200 (as of November 2011) but the cost is well worth it, they have constructed huts and make sure the place is clean and safe for all the visitors. 

The Beach at Cyrstal Cove, Laurel Island:

 The picnic area: 

The rugged cliffs:

and for a girl like me who loves pictures... it's  a piece of heaven!! So many places to snap a photo! So if you are traveling alone like me, don't dare forget that tripod!!Smiley

They have constructed pathways like this all over the island so expect a relaxing walk while enjoying the amazing view.

Cave 1, Crystal Cove:
the stairs to cave 1

the view of the open sea from the cave
I went there during off-peak season and the waves are crazy! But during the summer you can actually go down from the cave and swim in the open ocean.

Cave 2, Crystal Cove - you have to go through a tunnel to see this cave, during high tide the tunnel is impassable.

here's the tunnel, you have to crouch to be able to pass through.

the open sea from Cave 2
Crystal Cove offers also a good place for snorkeling. But during the time we visited  the place, the waves are just too much, so we went somewhere else. If you don't want to island hop, you can rent a private boat to go to Cystal Cove.  Be sure to visit this place when you go to Boracay! Enjoy! Smiley

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  1. Wow! :) There are really so much more to see than just the white beach of Boracay. I love Boracay. But we're not that adventurous yet, we mainly stay in white beach, the farthest was Diniwid. The caves are worth exploring. :)

    Best Regards!
    Des of

  2. You seem to have been to so many places! So envious! Hehehe When I went to Boracay ages ago, I didn't really get to explore much. I'll make sure to visit this on my next trip. hehe

  3. ang ganda..swear.. OK ng umitim basta ganyan naman view..worth it.

  4. wow..what more can I say? spectacular and great shot. This is a perfect example of more fun in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Secret place in Boracay. I like the fact that they turn it into a resort with native concepts. Nice one girl!

  6. My mother's province is Aklan but I never been to Boracay. Next year I will try visiting this place. Thanks for the post!

  7. Wow! really amazing! now I know what to do when my husband & I get there we're planning an escapade this March so excited! thanks for sharing you're great!

  8. Nice! So if i go to boracay i Can as well take a side trip to the crystal cove... The photos that u shared were stunning and very inviting,,,, keep sharing more!!!!

    1. Hi!! yes when you go island hopping it's included in the itinerary. Include Puka Beach too you will enjoy it also for sure!! Have fun in Bora!! ;-)

  9. Ganda naman! Kainggit tuloy. The desire is increasing!. It's my dream to travel. Need to make more money. hehe

  10. Wow ang ganda naman ng island na to! Parang mini version lang ng PPUR sa Palawan, sans the river nga lang. :D

  11. great shots. beautiful place , hope i will be there sometime !

  12. Wow so fantastic shots! I can't wait to visit that place. Hopefully someday my feet would take me there.

  13. awww! I was there again last year. ;P

  14. Amazing photos. I love all your shots. Thank you for posting these much beautiful photos and views of Boracay. White sand beach, delicious dishes and a lot of beautiful stuffs perfect for your travel collection can be experience here! Keep on posting and inspiring.