Monday, December 19, 2011

Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia

Kuta Beach is the most crowded beach in Bali and one of their major tourist destination.  It is just a few minutes away from Ngurah Rai Airport and famous for its long sandy beach, variety of accommodations, shopping area, restaurants and bars.  It is formerly a fishing village and one of the the very first that was developed for tourism purposes.

The beach is my "happy place" and I will never get tired enjoying it. But I think Kuta beach is not for me. Read more to know why. 

*all photos taken from my regular olympus point and shoot camera

Being a girl who grew up few minutes away from the beach (Subic, Lingayen and Dagupan Pangasinan), and a country with more than 7,100 islands (Philippines), I must admit that my standards are quite high. I've been to Bali twice in 2 different locations and at both times, (sorry but I won't sugarcoat,) is a huge disappointment. But I must admit too that I have been misinformed, I always associate Bali with the best beaches and white sand, and I know a lot who have seen Bali will agree, Bali is not so famous for their beach period (unless you are a surfer) . There's much more to love about Bali! If you're going to analyze travel reviews, tourists don't go to Bali just for the beach, the best hotels are not even along the beach! you know where? In the village... amongst rice paddies somewhere near the mountains... have you heard of Ubud? Ubud is 2011's Traveler's Choice as #17 "Best Destination" in Asia! But I will blog about my Ubud adventure on a separate entry, for now let me share my experience in Kuta Beach.

the airport runway from Tuban Beach..
If you want privacy it is quite difficult to find it in Kuta. Kuta is very busy and packed with so many hotels from 4 stars to budget hostels, so many restaurants and bars just walking distance from your hotel and the beach.

And it's a surfing haven you will surely enjoy a free show from great surfers, they're amazing to watch!

HahaSmiley  and that's me trying to brave the wave... but no luck!! 
At the beach it is quite difficult to find a spot to relax, so many locals offer stuff for sale which is irritating most of the time, some offering their service for a surfing lesson or massage at the beach. 

At the  centre of Kuta is a mall (Discovery Shopping Mall), we enjoyed shopping there and of course the food is to die for! 

 So many nearby restaurants too even late at night the street is so alive with activity.  If you are a night owl you will love this place.

                                        The view from Discovery Shopping Mall

                                               The beachfront happenings at Kuta Beach

Walking the streets of Kuta....

Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport. It is just a few minutes away from Kuta Beach.

Thanks for viewing!! Please check soon my separate blog about Tanjung Benoa Beach, Ubud Adventure, Kintamani, Tanah Lot, Kecak and Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple, Tirta Empul  (The Temple of the Holy Spring), Turtle Island, my snorkeling adventure and my first try of henna tattoo!!!Smiley  

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. I love this post! very real! ikaw na ikaw! alam mo same tayo "I am not a party goer, night life does not fascinate me. I dont drink, nor smoke nor wear make-up! - hahahaha pero di naman me boring hahahaha.. and neither are you!

  2. Ay, you're right. The beach front doesn't look very nice. So-so lang and I can imagine how irritating it is to have people peddle you with their wares every so often! hahaha :) Nako, I love partying at night! Hahahahaha It's so much fun. You should try it! :D

    P.S. I will wait for the post on Ubud :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. wow Bali, how romantic, hehe

      i sure hope na makapunta din ako dyan someday, :))

  4. ooohh Bali, I remember the Korean teleserye, "Memories of Bali" very pretty place.. and PS you look amazing in your canary dress!

  5. Oh! What a coincidence - we've the same like - going to the beach. I enjoy walking on the beach barefooted. It seems that I'm comfortable, at ease and worry-free. One thing more, I like from what you've mentioned here is that you're nature lover. Well, for that matter, you're inclined to commune with the Creator. That's good, spiritually uplifting.

  6. Ang haba ng shoreline. Ganda.

  7. I have already a passport for almost 2 years, but I have never used it. I hope I can travel and have even a quick vacation abroad, like Indonesia in the near future. I'm sure that when you're in a beautiful place like that, you will always have the energy to enjoy it.

  8. My friend who's been to Indonesia also said that Bali doesn't really have the nicest of beaches. Although she did enjoy her visit in Ubud. Rice paddies and all, I guess I would have to try that place over these not-so lovely shores.

    1. Yeah you will surely enjoy Ubud and tanah lot. Will post more of my Bali adventure soon. Yeah their beach is just plain ordinary for us Filipinos who are so used to white beaches we have in our country.

  9. Based on the pictures of the beaches, I must agree that you may not enjoy Bali's beaches unless you're a surfur. I can compare it with the beach of San Fabian, Pangasinan.

    1. So true! You can compare this beach to our regular beaches in the Philippines. Which is so disappointing, if we only have investors to better our beaches with top notch resorts then we will be attracting more tourists..

  10. Nice beach but that mall looks a lot like a bigger version of a mall in divisoria :) Not much of a beach person but I sure would like to see Bali Indonesia.

  11. That place is so famous for the beach! I wanna go there someday! :)

  12. I love beaches and Indonesia is one country that has beautiful beaches to be proud of.